Andy Talks | PlayOffs

6 maart 2019

We are going into the playoffs Friday with high hopes. Maybe a little to high but I believe you always have to reach higher to accomplish more. We started out on our three year plan last season and the coaches together with the manager and the board have been working our butts off.

This past August I said we wanted to reach three finals. Well we have missed two and could miss the third. If I could go back to August would I say anything different? No I wouldn’t. I still believe we could have done it but we just missed out on the First Two. I’m not a person to give all kinds of excuses to cover myself. I truly believe we are going in the right direction and will be the team for the future if we can keep the team together. Change or add one or two pieces is all that is needed. Our young core of players have improved so much in these two seasons I’m so proud of where they are at and what is still to come if they stick with it.
So all I’m hoping for is that everyone keeps believing in the team and keeps supporting them. You will be rewarded if not this season then for sure in the coming seasons.

There is something happening in Geleen I think has never happened before. So don’t allow those few negative individuals, who are always negative, to destroy what we as a team are working for.

Enjoy the playoffs.

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